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About the application


The application used such popular methods as DAF, FAF, and others.

With noise reduction and background mode, you don’t have to break away from everyday activities and look for a quiet place to study.
Already many users have confirmed positive results after using our application.


  • Delayed auditory feedback (DAF). You will hear your voice with a short delay. This delay will reduce the speech rate and make you draw out the vowels. Gradually reduce the time of delay until the speech rate increases up to the normal level
  • Frequency altered feedback (FAF). You will hear your voice sounding lower than it really is. The unique effect of speech morphing lowers the voice tone, relaxes the voice path muscles and reduces the frequency of stuttering
  • Speech rate indicator. The display interface will indicate if you speak too fast
  • Training sessions mode based on random texts
  • Training sessions mode based on rhymed texts

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